LIVE CINEMA - An Overview


In my most recent work I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone as a filmmaker by generating and performing in my expanded media installations.  

“Live Cinema!” is to be shouted out like the call of the circus barker at a three-ring circus.  It has three parts: The Cowgirl, The Sleepwalker, and The Motherboard—with three distinct female characters and their roles to explore.   I use this format as a matrix to create work that incorporates physical theater, layering it with digital media, creating visual textures with projection and performance.


Using my training in Butoh Dance and the American Mime Theater, I define each identity with a movement idea: a sleepwalker, balletic with her arms out front; a cowgirl with her pistols handy and her stride strong; a motherboard, mechanical, her limbs moving in isolation. Shot and shown in triptych, the work evolves out of a provocation of character.


My work as a filmmaker keenly focuses on challenges that face the female gender.  In  my Live Cinema! series, I explore women in real and imaginary worlds. Events unfold as characters journey through landscapes and towns, the female figure always alone.